The best choice for the most
genuine and alternative holidays

Our love for our ancestors’ heritage and our childhood memories inspired us to embrace the houses with respect and special care, giving them the genuine Corfu feeling.

The guesthouses are situated in a fully green and unspoiled environment, at the north hillsides of mount Pantokratoras, in a very small village called Fourni, 10 minutes distance from the nearest town of Acharavi and about 40 km. away from Corfu town, port and airport. The site breathes out an atmospheric quiet and tranquility, among centenarian olive trees and cypresses, with a spectacular view to the northern coast of the island and to the off-coast island of Othoni, the northwestern frontier of Greece.

Why Castelli?

This house, as well as the whole village, looks like a brushstroke within the verdant and green natural landscape. Its primary characteristic is the quietude and the serenity it exudes, thanks to its location and to the special pervading ambiance. Thereupon emerges a unique, completely riveting, panoramic view: from the east rises the Kasteli, an impressive and sheer cliff, while from the northwest surfaces the view to the inner relief with the endless olive groves leading to the gorgeous north coast of Roda and Acharavi. Finally, the sunset of Fourni is enthralling on its background of open sea, sky and the north-western edge of Greece, the island of Othonoi.

It goes without saying that Castelli Cottage Corfu is intended for people who wish to live new experiences through a different way of life, closer to nature, to their close ones or to themselves. For people who wish to slow down from the fast pace, the pressure and the stress of everyday life.
People who wish to organize their own timetable through a multitude of choices, such as a special beach in the south, a walk in the city and a taste of local recipes, having fun at a local fair, taking a hike in one of the island’s many beautiful trails, relaxing at home doing things that delights and rejuvenates them, and so on.